“progress isn’t made by early risers. it’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.” // r.a. heinlen

for the most part, i’d rather be sleeping.

sure, there is a laundry list of amusing things to do, gorgeous things to see, and clever people to meet – but honestly, all i want for the now, is a brisk lie-down – the kind that lasts roughly twenty-two hours and leaves you in a confused and groggy haze. it’s my own fault really – i know all the facts: i tend to enjoy the evening hours a bit too much, those ones after i’m revived by a second wind after my 3pm drowsiness. now, that wouldn’t be all that terirble – yet, combine this with a child, (i could stop there, but lo, i will continue), who has forever woken up with the birds, and you’ll find me, duly nonplussed – and wholly reluctant to get out of bed at 6.02am every morning.

alas – that is my sleepy lot in life.

so, instead of saving up sheep, i save time – by making the morning a bit more efficient – because when you KO the alarm on repeat, time is of the essence – and you’ll appreciate those items that pack a (five-four-three-or) two-for-one punch.





➝ source : naked2 eyeshadow palette via urban decay

➝ source : beach tint for cheeks & lips via becca

➝ source : brow duality highlighting duo via anastasia

➝ source : the multiple for eyes/cheeks & lip via nars

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