“sometimes i wonder if men and women really suit each other. perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.” // k. hepburn

i can tell you with much certainty that there have been at least two times in my life since the age of ten that i’ve worn white.

that first time, was a crisp italian cotton two-piece set, worn with white cotton knit ankle socks, and a pair of saddle-shoes – updated, if they could be, for the 80s. it was my brother’s answer to the call of the torah for his bar mitzvah; it doesn’t matter that he read the script phonetically and slept in the day of, we had to at least try and look the part.

the last time that saw me wear white – in earnest from my head down to my toes, was seven years ago – at my wedding. and although it wasn’t something that i thought i would do in such a quintessentially bride-y sort of way, i’m glad that in my day to day, white is the flag that gets held up for moments of special importance – so that can i remember them more succinctly.

so, to my husband on the day of our seven year itch, i wish you a happy anniversary – and should i ever wear white in earnest again, it might look a little bit different than the last time…




➝ source : issey miyake woven blazer via far fetch

➝ source : ‘white’ nail varnish via RGB

➝ source : cuffed shift dress via theory

➝ source : wulfrun single sole creeper in white via underground

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  • jay

    And a very happy seven year itch to you too my wife. i hope that whatever happy occasion merits your white wearing is one that we celebrate with as much excitement and love as the last one.

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