“the woods are lovely, dark and deep. but i have promises to keep, and miles to go before i sleep.” // r. frost

are you sensing a theme, here?

i’ve been telling anyone who has the misfortune of listening, that should moving again in the future become mandatory for any reason whatsoever, that the best thing to do would be to put me in cosy corner and just lightly induce a coma. medically supervised, of course. because, i just can’t.

we have reached roundhouse – defcon 3 levels. there are no clear surfaces, there are garbage bins filled to the brim with ephemera; those items that will no longer be finding a home with us, and finally – there is a layer of dust like a fine lanugo covering all floors, cuddling in corners and staking their claim to the house. we’ll be gone in two days.

until then, i will day-dream until the moment where i can a good night’s rest – one that doesn’t mean me sleeping on a mattress lying on the floor. yeah, we’ve ended up real classy up in here…



➝ source : chevron bed linen via aura

➝ source : hay colour-block linen via nest

➝ source : sprinkle bed linen via normann copenhagen

➝ source : BRZ sheet set via cb2


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