“like a church bell, a coffin, and a vat of melted chocolate, a supply closet is rarely a comfortable place to hide.” // l. snicket

perhaps not, but i’m still looking for a cozy place to hole up and hide out.

it was not a good day today. and at the time of writing this, there’s nothing i’d like more than to smash a pizza in my gob, watch some FNL  and call it a night. barring that, i can screen-shop and recede deep into this gloomy corner of my mind and look forward to dark, windy days when i can hunch my shoulders, exhale a thick breath, wrap a fuzzy scarf around my neck and pop the collar on my over-sized coat to keep out this cool blue i’m feeling.




➝ source : swackhammer boiled-wool oversized coat via ellery

➝ source : la veste oreille mi-longue via jacquemus

➝ source : roksanda ilincic malham coat via moda operandi

➝ source : karloff coat via rachel comey


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