“i’ve been a minimalist my whole life, even if you wouldn’t know it from my office.” // n. degrasse tyson

in no way am i exaggerating when i say that my house is currently in a state of chaos – there is debris littered everywhere.

the debris of a life lived, a dog petted, and a child in the midst of being raised, is no clearer than when you’re trying to move those lives out of one home and into another.

needless to say, it’s been THE. WORST.

i hate ever having purchased anything, i loathe having had enough room in the basement to stow away all those things that i didn’t want to see/have room for anymore, and while i’m at it; the objection i feel toward my basement is pacified only by the knowledge that i will no longer have a basement.

before, it was all about the getting of stuff, whatever stuff it was that amused me at the time. bargain-bags, gewgaw (find a better word than that!) with little-to-non-existent meaning. let’s be really clear, over the years i’ve amassed more than quintuple my body-weight in bona-fide junk.

so, the take-away with this upcoming move – is not to buy more, it is to buy better and, with meaning. the other take away? is to never. move. again.


➝ source : cabinet via ferm living

➝ source : pendant light cord via color cord company

➝ source : wire bin in emerald via menu

➝ source : hot mesh counterstool via blu dot


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