“is fate getting what you deserve, or deserving what you get?” // j. picoult

it was the perfect comeuppance, really.

i should not have expected any less. because of course, the very day i dare mention that the summer hasn’t been excessively hot, the day turns warm, the sun shines bright and every single place i dared entered had an air conditioning unit that was giving them the gears.

to put it bluntly, i had it coming, and therefore i was completely justified in looking the hot and sweaty mess i ended up being by midday.

it serves me right – i’m never thinking wishfully again.

(until i do. because, who am i but the eternal cynical optimist?)





➝ source : for the frizz :          essence absolue nourishing protective oil via shu uemura

➝ source : for the face :          matte balancing moisturiser via grown alchemist

➝ source : for the shine :        ‘un’-powder via rms beauty

➝ source : for the oil slick :    original aburatorigami (blotting papers) via tatcha





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