“nothing is enough for the man to whom enough is too little.” // epicurus

there are those thoughts that can drive a person to distraction.

a seed of an idea is planted – of something that you believe yourself to need, to want, to desire so wholly that a dark corner of your mind is dedicated solely to making those well-worn considerations a reality.

and it seems to me, everyone’s got some itch they’ve got to scratch, some beacon of light they keep flying toward like a moth needing to find its way out. for some, it’s jackets, for others frocks. there are those boys who forever search for toys, and the girls who will never walk as far as their many pairs of shoes will take them. we’re all looking for something, and even when we find it – it’ll never quite seem like enough.

for me, it’s the sunglasses/scarf/nude-lip/smock-dress quadfecta




➝ source : incidental habit sunglasses via grey ant

➝ source : faliero sarti oblong scarf via the corner

➝ source : rouge coco shine in style via chanel

➝ source : button-cuff angel dress via the whitepepper


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