“if you’re not really having a good time, it’s not worth it.” // k. chandler

it’s hard not to fall prey to the hype machine.

especially when that machine is telling you how absolutely remarkable that lotion, balm, or colour will make you look. it’s hard to resist when every other page of a magazine is extolling the virtues of a product when ultimately the only thing at work is payola. and you see, it’s even harder to suss when it’s not a pair of shoes that you fall easily for, but for a quick hit at your local sephora that gives you that ultimate rush.

yeah, fine, disclaimer –  i’m a bit of a cosmetic junkie. you’re shocked, i’m sure.

and much like other bad habits, i’ve learned the hard way, (meaning i’m lacking storage), how to curb my appetites – and it’s simply a matter of trial and error.

you can be lured by a glossy package and an onslaught of ad pages, but really – if you’ve gone so far as to slather it on your person and it doesn’t work; well, there’s your lesson learned.

a few of mine? well, here you are then – i have no regrets…


the liner on the left? JUST DON’T. the mascara? it’s thunderbirds GO.


the can on the left will turn your mop into a limp dish rag. the can on the right? WOW-like volume.


you can get a drugstore version of a dual-phase remover that’ll work just as well. but, for a matte pout? there’s no other.

yslbypass the left, and head directly to the right – make your eyes looks wide & awake, and you might not need the mascara at all.

➝ source : they’re real push-up liner & mascara via benefit cosmetics

➝ source : city swept finish and thickening dryspun finish via bumble & bumble

➝ source : démaquillant yeux intense & rouge allure lipstick via chanel

➝ source : volume effet faux cils & touche éclat via YSL beauty





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