“if you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” // n. hill

for a moment, my eyes played a trick on me – and i thought how apt, that napoleon bonaparte cited both ends of the size spectrum in a such an erudite way. he was a big man in ideas – wearing (moderately) small shoes.

it’s clear that one should never discount those who appear to be small, those items that seem too delicate, perhaps even fragile. looks can be very deceiving, when countered with the weight of what they convey. it’s how i feel about certain pieces i’ve worn, or have recently swooned over – the power they impart may not be so obvious, but that’s the trick – they’re weight doesn’t directly correspond to their heavy significance…



➝ source : sunstone & black diamond crescent studs via mociun

➝ source : lapis rainbow & shooting star pendant necklace by andrea fohrman via twist

➝ source : still glowing brooch via turina

➝ source : opal reese ring via jennie kwon


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