“the last night on maudlin street, goodbye house, goodbye stairs…” // s.p. morrissey

today, after weeks of whinging, is moving day.

it’s bittersweet and hectic, and the boxes are piled high – and i don’t have time to really think about all the infinite details of what went on in this little house, but i can say that it was mostly good to us – and occasionally not, but it saw me through house-training a puppy, floods in the basement, furnaces freezing out in february, and a baby girl being born in a hot july, in the middle of a garbage strike.

goodbye old, (literally! 1847ish!) house, it was lovely to have called you ours for the last seven years… onward we go. see you monday, when i’m not so cloyingly sentimental, or so thoroughly done with the sight of corrugated boxes.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.09.29 PM

my old front door. it was very stylish.


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