“books are a hard-bound drug with no danger of an overdose. i am the happy victim of books.” // k. lagerfeld

since today happens to coincide with a civic holiday in this corner of the great white north, i shall be taking it very easily.

this usually means finding me shuffling from the kitchen to the sofa with a biscuit in my mouth and another for the moppet and an entirely less appetizing one for the dog. my husband would have one too, but it would have to be both sugar and gluten-free, so i’ve got a piece of cardboard waiting with his name on it.

though my thoughts are always stylish, i can aver with much certainty that my appearance is sometimes, thankfully and hysterically… not. and today will be one of those days.

so, if you need me i’ll be on the sofa, head resting on a pillow, (hair in ratty ponytail), sweats on my arse, but with a stylish tome in my hands. enjoy the day everyone…








Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 8.46.31 PM


➝ source : grace : a memoir by grace coddington via random house

➝ source : queen of fashion by caroline weber via barnes & noble

➝ source : deluxe : how luxury lost its luster by dana thomas

➝ source : the beautiful fall by alicia drake


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