“E = mc²” // a. einstein

i am, and this should not be seen as hyperbole but absolute fact – i am much like a teapot, short and stout.

it would be befitting then, for someone shaped as i am to stick close to those items that one would perhaps call body-con – but do let yourself picture me waving my hand as i would shoo a fly, and aver that although i may be two apples high and three apples wide (har!), i just happen to adore a silhouette that is languid with volume; that has a mass greater than its sum.

a coat is not just a coat when it brings with it a cocoon of wool to wrap you up in, a skirt is not done until a twirl makes a complete circle around you, and a sweatshirt has no room in my wardrobe unless it has room to spare. i like big, er, clothes, and i can not lie…


➝ source : portrait wool crepe coat via la garçonne moderne

➝ source : ion loose-fit blouse via henrik vibskov

➝ source : stella jean printed cotton skirt via moda operandi

➝ source : oversized poncho via OAK


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