“it is fatal to be a man or woman pure and simple; one must be woman-manly or man-womanly.” // v. woolf

i find it so absolutely bizarre that it took this long for me to realize a key quotient in the sum-total of bianca; but, finally – it’s clear – i’m rather woman-manly.

the is hair long and curly, the eyes are always done, and the odds of me donning a bifurcated garment is nigh never.

skirts and frocks dominate, and bangles and baubles are never far behind. the thing is though – all this girlishness is diluted by a just a smidgen of boyishness. tattoos dress my wrists, spikes and daggers are the ideal pendants and a skulls are my preferred emblem.

but really, all you’d really need to figure out that i’m comfortable with both sides of the genitive coin, is to look at my shoes. dainty and delicate, they definitely are not-ever-never.

go for heavy, round-toed and black – and you’re in my boy-shoe wheelhouse.





➝ source : cleo high-tops via acne studios

➝ source : burgundy loafers via YMC

➝ source : ramones slip-on sneakers via rick owens

➝ source : aura chelsea boot via church’s


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