“…being a man is a serious problem and being a woman is, too. lots of things are problems.” // e. gorey


i’d like to consider myself a medium-maintenance kind of girl.

i know that’s probably not true, since i do my hair and set my face everyday – but it’s not as if i get up with the birds to make sure i have enough time to do so. and really, it’s when i wash my hair that i can be considered on the high-end of that scale.

but really, you’d have to ask my husband his opinion on this.

i know that in comparison, he could roll out of bed with 19 minutes to go until we have to leave and he’ll be showered and changed before i’ve even had a chance to curl my lashes. and then, i watch with envy how quickly his wardrobe decisions get made – shirt/zip-up on top, denim down below. choosing a colourful pair of socks and tying his shoe laces are the two t0-do items that take the longest amount of time. and then i think how great it would be to roll out of bed, and get dressed like him – i wonder if its too early to become one of those couples that dress alike…


➝ source : zip sweatshirt via neil barrett

➝ source : free bird bracelet via scosha

➝ source : levi’s vintage via the corner

➝ source : chuck tayler high tops via converse

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