“it has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.” // a.c. doyle

i’ve noticed lately, that my face has begun to ache from nerves-being-shot-induced-jaw-clenching, and that i’m getting the opposite of laugh-lines – as my mouth has been stuck in a sneer for a bit too long.

to be completely blunt, you wouldn’t want to bump into me in a dimly-lit alley – i’m in a sour space, and i’m hoping, for everyone’s sake that it’ll abate soon – because i’m fairly tired of being sick and tired.

why yes, yes I AM at my personal best right now, why do you ask?

until that day, that day when not every single thing aggravates me, i’ll be thankful for the little things; gratitude, even in small doses can make all things pear-shaped, seem as straight as an arrow…




➝ source : sheer lip colour in summer nude via bobbi brown

➝ source : bauhaus alum keytag via poketo

➝ source : blah blah blah iphone case via ban.do

➝ source : miniature omaggio bolig vases by kähler via royal design


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