“life is like an onion. you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.” // c. sandburg

the disclaimer i’m leading with, is this: i’m plenty-eight years old, but rarely pegged for someone as antiqued as i am.

i can’t deny that it doesn’t give me some small thrill when i get carded by confused cashiers when a bottle of wine is a necessary fact of the day; or when it’s found out how many rungs i’ve got hiding underneath my dress.

but the one point of confusion i do have is, what exactly does one use for almost-aging skin that more-often than not, acts like a surly teen?

cleansers are for the 18-and-under set, toners are an all-ages show, but there’s a looming and rather large question mark when it comes to care. what does one do for skin that on the surface of things looks pretty straightforward, but has more layers to it than a blooming onion? start peeling, and see what comes out, i suppose…





➝ source : resurfacing enzyme peel via suki skincare

➝ source : lemon strip flash peel via ole henriksen

➝ source : t.l.c. framboos glycolic night serum via drunk elephant

➝ source : blue diamond resurfacing peel via omorovicza


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