“sometimes life gives us lessons sent in ridiculous packaging.” // d. williams

the party line has always been not to judge a book by its cover.

you can routinely find me standing atop a very minimal and simple soapbox to make sure that that point is heard to any five-year olds in the house who might be listening.

so, it’s not indicative of any proper sort of behaviour to admit how easily i’m swept off my feet over a pretty package. granted, my M.O. has always been that i’m not entirely superficial, but i wouldn’t blame you for thinking me rather frivolous.

the funny thing is, i’d aver that when i mindlessly gravitate toward a product based solely on its bottle/box/cap/hue/or, oy, hand-feel – as luck would have it, i’ve ended up a tried and true fan.

dumb luck or instinct? oh, it doesn’t matter – it just looks so good.



➝ source : smith & cult nail varnish in dirty baby via net-a-porter

➝ source : FBU oslo-fornebu lipstick via uslu airlines

➝ source : olio e sasso no.4 lip & cheek tint via b-glowing

➝ source : solaris via agonist parfums



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