“you have taken fester and turned him into your personal love slave. i respect that. but debbie (gesturing at the decor around her)…PASTELS?” // a. huston as m. adams

though i’m fairly known for my black-hearted wardrobe, if you know me well, you know that my heart is actually more akin to a rainbow.

i laugh with gusto, i like with grand brio, and love, well, i love BIG, really big. like whoa. my appreciation for life is keenly focussed on the practice of zeal and moderate, if-not-a-wee-bit-cynical, enthusiasm.

which means that opposing my intense dark side, there is this strange little part of me, perhaps it resides in my pinky finger, but still – it’s there. give me bubblegum, jem and the holograms and a touch of airiness – give me a little bit of pastel, or give me death.

(see what i did there?)



➝ source : sail cat-eyes via grey ant

➝ source : messina dragonfruit necklace via emily green

➝ source : elle sasson elisa dress via hampden clothing

➝ source : juno high-vamp sandal via 3.1 phillip lim


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