“the sharp thorn often produces delicate roses.” // ovid

as i’d like to think that what i do here is rather more introspective than its one-dimensional veneer might seemingly suggest – (though i am 100% for wild-with-abandon-rampant-consumerism), i know that sometimes my intent and what comes out, aren’t always simpatico.

i do have a habit of blathering on, of making mention of big hair and big shoes; of a wardrobe that may or may not need searchlights to eek out a discernible silhouette, and of a pair of hips that require the sort of attention that only a dress can address. if the surface of things scream ‘more is more’, it’s only because once and a while, we use what we can to bolster that sliver of confidence that resides in those small, and relatively shy corners of our minds.

however, as time keeps reminding me of its quick clip, i’m sussing out that there is also strength to be found in being somewhat delicate.

just don’t get too close, i might poke your eye out.



➝ source : hook through single earring via wendy nichol

➝ source : hexagonal ring w/diamonds by jo hayes ward via twist

➝ source : golden rod necklace via another feather

➝ source : oka bracelet via fay andrada


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