“i think fish is nice, but then i think that rain is wet, so who am i to judge?” // d. adams

if it weren’t for fear of getting my hair wet – i’d be forever out, playing in the rain.

the issue is, there are only two reasons my head should be submerged into the blue – and that’s either when i’ve gone for a quick dip, or i’ve decided to give it a wash. otherwise, my mane is a lot like suede. get caught with it out in the rain, and it’s pretty much ruined for good. yet, exactly what am i to do when aprils and mid-septembers come drizzling in, every single year? get proactive, i should think.

don a mac, make like my elderly gran and wear a cap – then go stomping around in the puddles.


➝ source : maison michel rain cap via far fetch

➝ source : stockholm raincoat via stutterheim

➝ source : check jacquard wool scarf via marni

➝ source : miu miu patent-leather shell boots via net-a-porter (honestly – get a pair of hunters and don’t even think about these.)


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