“that so few now dare to be eccentric, marks the chief danger of the time.” // j. s. mill

i’ve long held the thought that it would be a most welcome and wonderful outcome to end up an eccentric, old biddy.

i’d leave out the extended laundry list of the aspects of old age that make it seem like a rather dull affair, (like ill-health, benign guilt and a body that begins to reject you), and leave in an extra-large helping of no-longer-giving-a-shit about what other people think, and a veritable metric ton of doing whatever the hell you want.

an old age like that seems rather grand, but it takes so long to get there – so:  i’ve decided to stop waiting and start being as weird and wonderful as i’d like. wanna come with?



➝ source : detached sleeve sweatshirt via slow and steady wins the race

➝ source : comme des garçons asymmetric patchwork dress via guya firenze

➝ source : diamond bee stud earring via yvonne leon

➝ source : y’s by yohji yamamoto zip front derby via totokaelo


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