“we become what we behold. we shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.” // m. mcluhan

in school, a paintbrush was as useful to me, as i was successful in cross-country running.

which is to say, not a bit. not one iota. no ma’am, no thank you – i’m shrugging my shoulders and out of breath already. i had neither the visual creativity nor the endurance to manage the latter; and let me be very clear, i didn’t possess talent for either.

i do, however enjoy a modicum of flair with the tools and brushes meant for the face. i can camouflage and spackle imperfections with the best of them. i can also make a wayward brow behave and line an eye with aplomb. these are the tools of trade, after all, that do shape us…




➝ source : eyelash curler via shu uemura

➝ source : secret camouflage brush via laura mercier

➝ source : brow lash comb via japonesque

➝ source : powder brush via make up for ever

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