“the best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations.” // e. khamarov

at my core, i’m a simple girl.

i don’t want for much more than a good night’s rest, an icy coffee in the morning, and the ability to find the humor in a life that is sometimes begrudgingly buggy when it comes to a sense of whimsy.

since at least two out of three of these can seem almost impossible to find on a daily basis, the very least of what i expect is a feline flick that stays put, even through a range of emotions that would be deemed oscar-worthy, and through a heat-wave as thick as potato soup; (this was my last friday).

and though i didn’t get a cold brew coffee, or crack even the faintest smile – i can testify that at least my pen-liner stayed exactly where it needed to be. and truth be told, it was found in the most unlikeliest of suspects – and i know i’ve said it before, and perhaps i will aver another option again –  yet, i was not expecting this to be as saturated, easy to use, and as long-wearing as it was.

the unexpected choice – is a fortuitous winner.

➝ source : lights, camera, lashes precision longwear liquid eyeliner via tarte cosmetics


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