“dig your well before you’re thirsty.” // s. godin

i woke up with a scratch in my throat; the cup in my bathroom was akin to imagining a desert oasis. my elbows are rough, my heels can smooth wood like sandpaper, my eyes itch and my hair is a dry mop.

though my face still has a waxy sheen, everything else has caught up with the cooler weather and i’m now dried to crisp – i am a veritable ronco dehydrator.

i need to be immersed in lotion, top to tail, and right quick. before i’m so brittle i crack the next time someone dares give me a hug.





➝ source : totally TLC hydrating mask via percy & reed

➝ source : lip delivery nutrition via intelligent nutrients

➝ source : body lotion via rahua

➝ source : perfect heels rescue balm via this works


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