“eros will have naked bodies; friendship naked personalities.” // c.s. lewis

there is something quite wonderful about letting go one or two cases of heavy humiliation that one (me) carries around with them, from roughly the age of 12 or so.

never a prude, but far from an extrovert – what was mine was mine, and i chose to share whatever level of bare i wanted to, with whom i wanted to – but did i dare a naked face? in pubic? well, i never!

years on, and the only thing that stands in the way of setting out into the world with a starkers complexion – is time. it’s an immeasurable irony that the moment one should probably think better of going out without a stitch of concealer on is the exact moment when getting out of bed seems an absolute impossibility. therein lies my conundrum.

does one choose ten more minutes of shut-eye, or do you fake low-maintenance and just head out on a hope and a prayer with a simple slick of mascara?

the choice will ultimately be yours – but make it easier on yourself by going out in the raw a bit less of a shock to the system – and prepare thyselves!

➝ source : detox brightening fizzy powder wash via nude skincare

➝ source : black magic mascara via eyeko

➝ source : shimmering skin perfector via becca cosmetics

➝ source : hepburn honey lipstick via charlotte tilbury


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