“i don’t believe in guilty pleasures. if you [expletive deleted] like something, like it. that’s what’s wrong with our generation: that residual punk rock guilt, like, “you’re not supposed to like that. that’s not f****** cool.” // d. grohl *

i’ve suffered from that thing – that thing that makes you feel that you have this chip in you, embedded so deep, that should you find yourself liking/being attracted to/or enjoying something, whatever it may be – that just doesn’t jive with what you think that coolest version of yourself is – that you think you must proclaim it as your guilty pleasure. (like maybe, the word jive?)

i’ve got so many of those, that i’m starting to think that all those things i might think are awesome, yet wrong somehow, are actually rather subversively cool… right?


➝ source : abba, being abba, being awesome.

➝ source : babies 40 central cut booties in pink glitter via saint laurent (ugh.)

➝ source : they will last longer on earth than we will, but still, mcdonald’s french fries

➝ source : i’m a DOG person! why do i like this? cat wallet via tsumori chisato

*the fact of the matter is, i really like a good curse word. i would’ve left them in, but i didn’t want to foist my blue language on those who’d prefer not to engage. but shit, do i love to swear. 😉


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