“don’t call the world dirty because you forgot to clean your glasses.” // a. hill

you wouldn’t be wrong to think that i was bleak to the bone, considering the lack of hue i use in my little bubble of a world.

as ever – first, second, and possible third impressions can be misleading – one wouldn’t dare dream that i truly dig a pop of neon, bright blues make me swoon, and well, a little atomic orange never hurt anyone. i just like to live amongst the colour; not wear it, use it, or clean my person with it. 

but then, you might not think that something as black as night, or as dark as dirt could work so well in cleaning up congested skin, blocked pores, and dingy, lackluster complexions. yet, as i’ve gleaned, nothing gets messes cleaner, than a little bit of obsidian dust or soap.

what’s a diamond after all, but a lump of jet black charcoal – turned into the clearest of jewels?



➝ source : givenchy beauty le soin noir serum via barneys

➝ source : dew puff bamboo charcoal facial puff via co. bigelow

➝ source : detoxifying black cleanser via boscia

➝ source : activate deep pore cleanser via herbivore botanicals


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