“there is nothing new except what has been forgotten.” // m. antoinette

my modus operandi is relatively clear – at least it is my mind.

i’ve made no illusions to the fact that i’m not really about being frugal – i’m not a wastrel – i am not telling you to squander all your means for sequins and lipstick, but i’m definitely not going to say that i don’t like a bit of pretty in my life – i do, and always will.

i’d like to think, however, that there’s a bit more meaning behind the odds and ends i happen to highlight here. it’s always shaded with a personal anecdote, a rather large helping of sarcasm, and more than a fair share of self-deprecation; i mean, if you can’t laugh at yourself, you’d find yourself in a mighty big puddle.

sometimes though, my meaning is straightforward, the desire, clear. i want something new, and i want it… now.

that would be the point of my site’s new design – it was long overdue, and well, i just adore it, (and hope you do too).

it almost has that new car smell, it’s so fresh and clean. and then, there’s the rest.

those things? well, i’m just pining away…









➝ source : a wee bit’s lovely redesign by the ever-so talented ana & brandi at blogmilk

➝ source : splattered leather satchel via proenza schouler

➝ source : hammered temple cuff via bing bang

➝ source : MM6 asymmetric hem dress via henrik vibskov

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