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“i am sick and tired of being sick and tired.” // f.l. hamer

living with a child is akin to having yourself steeped in a petri dish.

you’re constantly living under the threat of either becoming ill. you’ll find your defenses surrendering due to said child’s illness, and then the eventuality: your germs intermingle, you lose out on sleep, and you’re suddenly coping with a snotty super-germ-bomb that’s making its presence known through your very red nose, your dull, exhausted eyes, and a head that feels as though it could keep company with the clouds.

it’s a dangerous business, living with these sweet, little people.

that was a rather verbose way of telling you, i’m not feeling well.

having no other option but to ‘fake it till i make it‘ – i’ll have another cup of coffee, some anvil-strength ibuprofen, and a little help from some close, personal friends…




➝ source : damir doma ‘vivien’ sunglasses via mykita

➝ source : stroke of light eye brightener via bare escentuals

➝ source : textured scarf via madewell x sézane

➝ source : les chochottes balsam via co. bigelow

“i don’t believe in guilty pleasures. if you [expletive deleted] like something, like it. that’s what’s wrong with our generation: that residual punk rock guilt, like, “you’re not supposed to like that. that’s not f****** cool.” // d. grohl *

i’ve suffered from that thing – that thing that makes you feel that you have this chip in you, embedded so deep, that should you find yourself liking/being attracted to/or enjoying something, whatever it may be – that just doesn’t jive with what you think that coolest version of yourself is – that you think you must proclaim it as your guilty pleasure. (like maybe, the word jive?)

i’ve got so many of those, that i’m starting to think that all those things i might think are awesome, yet wrong somehow, are actually rather subversively cool… right?


➝ source : abba, being abba, being awesome.

➝ source : babies 40 central cut booties in pink glitter via saint laurent (ugh.)

➝ source : they will last longer on earth than we will, but still, mcdonald’s french fries

➝ source : i’m a DOG person! why do i like this? cat wallet via tsumori chisato

*the fact of the matter is, i really like a good curse word. i would’ve left them in, but i didn’t want to foist my blue language on those who’d prefer not to engage. but shit, do i love to swear. 😉

“the human body is the best picture of the human soul.” // l. wittgenstein

it isn’t much of a secret that i wear my heart on my sleeve, that i line my eyes to make sure they’re seen, and that i’m a fan of my pout – otherwise, why would i have drawers upon drawers stacked up with tubes of gloss that, in hue, all vaguely resemble each other?

i’m not however, a fan of T & A; don’t misunderstand – i can appreciate a good ass, i applaud their form, and how they seemingly keep pants from falling down, and i’m surely not disapproving of anyone showing off a peach of a décolletage; i just would rather not.

i am not, however, beyond showing off a lusty suggestion; a wink, a smile – countered with just a touch of plain verity for good measure. i mean, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and it is what’s inside that counts – but sometimes, it’s nice to let it all just hang out…



➝ source : booty ring via nora kogan

➝ source : human heart locket via pamela love

➝ source : 3-peak spine cuff via jennifer fisher

➝ source : pink sapphire ear cuff via sabine g.

“i never play without my cape.” // b. lugosi

it’s exactly ten days away now and i feel like it’s time for me to be perfectly clear : i loathe halloween.

i’m all for treats, i’ll give you my chocolate for all your single-serve, teeny packs of chips – and/or a trick if you’re feeling particularly contrary.

i loved it when i was small, when my costume of choice was either boy george, (there, that’s me showing my age), or a very politically incorrect ‘bag-lady‘ – forgive me, things were different in the ’80s. i’d hide my booty-filled pillowcase from my brother and continue on dipping into my treasure for the foreseeable future.

but something happened after roughly the age of 12 where even the thought of wearing a get-up that was not my own, or very much of me, would send me running, and give me the chills. the thought alone was a spooky halloween unto itself. the lucky thing is, though i never thought i could save the world – the wearing of a cape never seemed a costume to me, but a rather practical, yet intensely stylish part of my wardrobe. perhaps i missed out on dressing up like a superhero somewhere along the way?





➝ source : ‘biker’ cape by comme des garçons via storm fashion

➝ source : ‘gaia’ cape via vivienne westwood anglomania

➝ source : étoile isabel marant raquel patchwork knitted cape by via net-a-porter

➝ source : cashmere felt cape via rick owens

“organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” // a.a. milne

there lies a streak in me, one that feels compelled to make magazines align themselves at a 90° angle, perfectly stacked, spines straight.

a band of discord that makes it impossible for me to walk past a kitchen sink with an unwashed glass still in it; there will be soap, there will be clean glassware. there is a vein that runs through me that demands an impression of organization, so that there is at least, a modicum of methodology running amongst the tumult – the opposing side of me that procrastinates, that collects, and neglects order in favour of sentimentality.

i’m a very complicated lass, (but aren’t we all?)

so, for those moments when order wins the battle, at least a bit of fetching frippery can make the existential angst worth it.




➝ source : fierzo desk tray via alessi

➝ source : city sunday magazine rack via minus tio

➝ source : nest office caddy by umbra shift via a + r store

➝ source : another desktop series via another country

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