“i busted a mirror and got seven years bad luck, but my lawyer thinks he can get me five.” // s. wright

i’m not easily lead down the garden path.

though my character is pretty much defined to a T in monthly horoscopes for those whose birthdays fall between april 20th, and may 21st, and my head can sometimes be found not in the clouds, but in the stars; i’d hate to admit defeat to something as woo as mercury being in retrograde – but first, let me show you this large white flag i’m going to wave.

i surrender to whatever bad mojo i’ve incurred, whomever i crossed, and to whoever’s doorstep i breeched without twisting my fingers into a hand of figa first. i obviously did something bad – very, very bad.

and if bad comes in threes, my trifecta is up – if it started by being drenched from waist to toe in coffee, that lead to having my smart(ass) phone being stolen, to my most favoured céline sunglasses being smashed to bits by my very own car, then well, i’m frightened to think of what’s coming next.

i’m keeping my head down, (tucked deep into my oversized collar), and staying way out of trouble until the stars align and are smiling down in my favour again.

let it be soon?





➝ source : helmut lang hooded jacket via la garçonne

➝ source : herno funnel neck padded jacket via harvey nichols

➝ source : mantu coat via far fetch

➝ source : oversized sweater via marc jacobs


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