“i am sick and tired of being sick and tired.” // f.l. hamer

living with a child is akin to having yourself steeped in a petri dish.

you’re constantly living under the threat of either becoming ill. you’ll find your defenses surrendering due to said child’s illness, and then the eventuality: your germs intermingle, you lose out on sleep, and you’re suddenly coping with a snotty super-germ-bomb that’s making its presence known through your very red nose, your dull, exhausted eyes, and a head that feels as though it could keep company with the clouds.

it’s a dangerous business, living with these sweet, little people.

that was a rather verbose way of telling you, i’m not feeling well.

having no other option but to ‘fake it till i make it‘ – i’ll have another cup of coffee, some anvil-strength ibuprofen, and a little help from some close, personal friends…




➝ source : damir doma ‘vivien’ sunglasses via mykita

➝ source : stroke of light eye brightener via bare escentuals

➝ source : textured scarf via madewell x sézane

➝ source : les chochottes balsam via co. bigelow


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