“sanity is a cozy lie.” // s. sontag

trust, that when i say i’ve spent a long time thinking about the fall – that it’s meant at the very height of sincerity.

there’s a list of things that i adore – not in the way i adore a nude lip, or a slice of cheese pizza, a favourite song turned up on high, while i rev down a street; or even the way i love an iced coffee and a salty chip – but in the way i love to hear someone i love howl with laughter, find the most perfect gift, (quite possibly for that very same person), or how i love to hear the moppet sing, or the smell of her damp hair after the requisite saturday swim class; or even the way my dog demands a literal tête-à-tête, immediately upon my coming home.

it’s that sort of deep adoration that comes with comfort, with an ease that seems as if it were steeped in you. that’s what a good october is for me – it’s a tucked up moment in time that, although fleeting, is just the most absolute ideal, hurriedly walking past – right into winter.

it’s cozy to be sure, but quick.





➝ source : sequin embellished faux-fur coat via carven

➝ source : loop antra scarf via humanoid

➝ source : fur-lined convertible mittens via kenzo

➝ source : philly sweater via hope stockholm


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