“life is like underwear, should be changed twice a day.” // r. bradbury

barring the obvious, e.g., sitting, (standing for that matter), cool drafts, sheer tops, movement of any kind, i’m the type of girl for whom foundation garments are absolutely mandatory.

truth be told, i think i’d rather like being wrapped up in a tourniquet; neck to below the knee, thank you very much. it would give me the ultimate in smooth lines – i wouldn’t be able to breathe mind you, but it would be tailored just for me – no spanx you own could ever claim that. until that day comes, wherein my custom mummification becomes a reality, i’ll settle for basic undergarments – not boring mind, just the type with hooks and eyes, and ones that cover your bum in stars and shimmer.





➝ source : xirena division striped bra via sheerluxe

➝ source : metallic stretch briefs via miu miu

➝ source : inedit stretch-tulle bra via eres

➝ source : star briefs via diesel


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