“if the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it.” // l. larcom

to be fair, it did hit a high of 18°C yesterday.

it may have been high noon, and just for a quick minute; but i suppose for rounding out the first week of october, i can’t say that it was a brisk autumn day.

i can however aver, that the morning was plumb cold. dark, gray, and a light rain proved fall’s point. sure, our glum moods might’ve had something to do with it as well, but that’s just how we wake up around here – (i’m starting to find that no matter what time i get up, i’m only awake at 10am, but i digress…)

this morning, i could’ve done with a scarf and quite possibly, a toque.

though i’m not sure that i’m quite ready to commit to the season that whole-heartedly just yet, but i have set my sights on a handful of warm, and ultra inviting items.

➝ source : lydia crochet cap via frauenschuh

➝ source : cammie sweater-coat via rag & bone

➝ source : emelie gloves via toast

➝ source : uist wrap via plümo


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