“if there’s a single lesson that life teaches us, it’s that wishing doesn’t make it so. ” // l. grossman

if i could – if i had an oil lamp in my possession out of which a genial genie escaped when i gave it a good embrace – my wishes would be a gloriously self-indulgent affair.

of course, i’d want to cure world-hunger, ease suffering, and put an end to force, crime and war, and make sure the moppet was well and forever cared for; but seeing that this endeavor is rather lighter in tone, let’s for a minute, put a cap on loftier world sufferings and take out the pin in my, incredibly superficial ones.

i could think of things to wish for that would knock your socks off – hell, i’d change the shape of my feet, so that shoes of all shapes and styles wouldn’t have me crying uncle after two hours of wear – keep your socks on. i’d dwell on my hair, the smoosh of my hips, my bell-bottomed bottom.

but you know the one thing i wouldn’t change? my baby blues. they’re green, but i wouldn’t get near ’em. i’m forever grateful for that one genetic anomaly that gifted me with eyes i don’t mind. in fact, i don’t need to change them at all, but enhance them i will. and how.





➝ source : aqua matic in electric blue via make up forever

➝ source : highliner in introvert via marc jacobs beauty

➝ source : chaos 24/7 glide-on liner via urban decay

➝ source : long-wear gel liner in graphite shimmer via bobbi brown


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