“i don’t eat bubble gum, but I like the smell.” // k. lagerfeld

i quit gum when i quit smoking – and much like karl, (in this instance alone, i’m sure), i no longer give it a chew.

i like the thought of it, especially a stick of big red because, cinnamon – but it’s just not worth the effort. that burst of flavour – is just that; a quick bolt of sublime with little in return – nothing, nada, no pay out. what’s the point? and then you’re literally stuck, having no idea where to put the sticky mess because who the hell knows where that wrapper went?

the smartest way to make that piece of gum last for seven years is to wear it, no need to worry about your dental work.

vibrant, poppy, brash pieces of plastic and glass that make you pop, and it’s all sugar-free.


➝ source : moutton collet pink bulbine earrings via moda operandi

➝ source : acrylic gorgeousness via corey moranis

➝ source : scale bracelet via lizzie fortunato

➝ source : yellow necklace via nikki couppee


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