“my lips are chapped from the winds of change.” // s. vowell

if you listed up all my grievances, petty to prominent – i assure you, i’d be rather humiliated by my own bellyaching.

i’d like to think i’m laid-back and like a duck, am able to let whatever makes me grumble shimmy off my back; but i know that i’m much too possessive to let anything go that easily.

listen, i’m not a misanthrope, come on over and i’ll give you a hug, but there are those large-pet peeves that just make me twitch. drivers who don’t signal, chipped nail varnish, vladimir putin, being in a too-warm room, missed postal deliveries, chapped lips, etc., etc., ad infinitum forever.

i do, however, take some small solace in knowing that i’m not the only one who can be this trivial, and also, knowing that at least one of these can be easily sorted out. you work on putin, i’ll get cracking on these lip balms.


➝ source : guava lip butter via korres

➝ source : nutritive lip complex via elemental herbology

➝ source : cherry lip balm via carmex

➝ source : lip cure via dr. dewy


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