“the cat is a dilettante in fur.” // t. gautier

i grew up in a time when a woman wrapping a fur around herself was a two-pronged approach to outerwear.

wearing fur was the ultimate in cold-weather protection, and the very superlative in luxury. i know, it’s a terrible thing to admit, but when i was a kid, fur was just commonplace. my grandma wore one, my mum wore one, the lady down the street wore one, and the crosswalk lady wore one. it was just what you did, along with spraying your bangs up to the heavens, and wearing your socks super-slouchy.

of course, time and ideals have shifted – and the wearing of minks has brought with it a whole slew of objections – those of which i’m not entirely ready to delve into before i’ve finished my first cup of coffee, and because, well, you’re smarter than the average bear.

i do know, that although i don’t think wearing fur, vintage or up-cycled, is in the cards for any upcoming lake-effect-blizzard, there are scads of ways to fake that warmth and style, without bluffing on those morals.


Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 9.44.11 PM

➝ source : faux astrakhan cape via alexander mcqueen

➝ source : faux fur scarf via whistles

➝ source : swan collar jumper via red valentino

➝ source : dulcie coat via shrimps


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