“as we grow older, our bodies get shorter and our anecdotes longer.” // r. quillen

the chill, it’s getting through the cracks – and it’s creeping toward the small of my back.

at this time every year, i bring out the long-sleeve shirts to pair under all the same dresses i wear over each and every season, adding in thermal short-shorts to cover up every inch of my arse, making sure they’re pulled up high. i don’t mind the cold, i just don’t enjoy it getting into the small places that rarely ever get caught up in it.

so why is it then i’m alone in this sea of shorty cropped tops, jackets and coats? in being cut short they just don’t scan – they go as far as a high waist and then leave you hanging; with your hips, forgotten – out in the cold.

there are no long johns that’ll make this an option i can get behind.




➝ source : chloé batwing cropped jacket via browns

➝ source : lurex crop top via topshop

➝ source : cropped shirt via kenzo

➝ source : marc jacobs cropped jacket via far fetch


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