“i’m really a standard brand – like campbell’s tomato soup or baker’s chocolate.” // k. hepburn

though i’m fairly easy to read, seeing as i wear my heart/head/feelings/moods emblazoned about my person, not just on my sleeve – i am not so inclined to wear the brand of my likely choosing across my chest – or anywhere else for that matter. i like nice things, i’m sure you’ve surmised, but i’m not disposed to being so obvious about it.

much like i’m bound to keep quiet and stick to a wall like a flower, i’d rather not call attention to myself – not with a brand, not with some amusing play on words, rarely even a light trompe l’oeil.

i think i’m just way too chatty to let my clothes speak so loudly. i’d rather them whisper, and me come up with the words.

though, after 7 years of waxing poetic on issues, both personal and not-so on style, perhaps that was already obvious?






➝ source : fig & viper logo sweatshirt via magic pony

➝ source : sunglasses via versace

➝ source : monogram alma charm via louis vuitton

➝ source : ‘biker jacket’ effect backpack via moschino



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