“deep meaning often lies in childish plays.” // f. schiller

science hasn’t quite made it definitive, yet – but it’s becoming clearer that essentially, age ain’t nothing but a number.

which is good news, because though chronology would like to place me at thirty-andthensome, it’s a bit perplexing that i feel as if i fluctuate in age; between 17 on my good days, and positively antediluvian on my bad.

and though there are moments that prove themselves to be physical reminders that i am indeed, no longer young, (getting out of bed is a delicate dance of lower back pain and throat clearing, natural light is the first line of defense against my inability to see a graying hairline in my bathroom mirror), doesn’t quite mean i’m planning on growing old. because, well, i flatly refuse.

i see no end in sight for my childish yens and i highly doubt i’ll stop shopping in the junior section, just because a number has taken me further away from it. no, thank you, no thanks.



➝ source : multi-skull necklace via petitbo

➝ source : mohair leopard socks via bobo choses

➝ source : trousselier rabbit angel snowball via smallable

➝ source : mario dots weekend bag via april showers


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