“i have a new philosophy. i’m only going to dread one day at a time.” // c.m. schulz

my ideal – the perfect version of a holiday, would be to be plonked right in the centre of a metropolis – in a cushy hotel, that has a veneer of grit; to be able to sleep in late, walk around slowly with a good cup of coffee, possibly shop, have gorgeous meals, and generally take it slow.

i know, i know – when it gets cold and dark, and blustery to boot, most people dream of beaches and white sand; of hazy mornings and piña coladas at 11am. i am not one of the most. but, it’s coming. i’m going to get sand in my suit and curse every little bit of brown my skin soaks up.

and though, despite myself, i’ll have a glorious time, (i love piña coladas), between now and the time i jet off into the blue, i’ll cringe in the face of wearing a swimsuit in public, find a very large hat, and hope that mrs. roper caftans are suitable daytime attire.



➝ source : black & white yorkie snap panama hat via christys

➝ source : sky frill bikini via motel

➝ source : zephyr renee kaftan via eres

➝ source : black leather slides via ancient greek sandals

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