“the adornment of the body is a human need. i don’t see anything superficial about it,…” // d. lachapelle

though i joke about an overreaching superficiality – i have to admit, that i don’t really buy into the thought that appreciating clothing, design, attention-to-detail, humor, and whatever-else-that-floats-your-boat, is proof positive of one’s resolute shallowness.

that sort of thinking just doesn’t scan. much like the music one listens to, the books one chooses to read, and the words they use to express themselves – the way you choose to look – in life, in your home, on your face, and down to your tippy-tippy toes – is a crucial step toward knowing, and fully communicating who you are.

you might as well broadcast it as loud as you can – the best/worst thing that could happen, is that someone might be listening.













➝ source : women in clothes by sheila heti, heidi julavits, leanne shapton

➝ source : girl boss by sophia amoruso

➝ source : science… for her! by megan amram

➝ source : rookie yearbook edited by tavi gevinson


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