“i’m bored with it all. – last words.” // w. churchill

oh, but for the tediousness of it all.

it’s time for a renewal, to shake things up, to make the usual – a little more unusual.

it’s cyclical. they go ’round my wrist, and stay there – from anywhere from six months to… years. i’ll wear them all, day in, and day out. the bangles and cuffs will scuff and become dull. they’ll show wear, tarnish from the light, and show bruises from all the places i’ve bumped into walls, clashed with my desk, scratched against my laptop. sometimes i’m looking for my keys and think i’ve found them, only to realize, it’s just my wrists making that racket.

now i’ve come around and not to put too fine a point on it, i’m bored.

of putting the same ones on, and taking the same ones off. of their tell-tale dents, and faded glory – i’m in need of a change, and let’s not be coy – it’s not only a bit of silver i’m talking about…




➝ source : minimalist gold bangle via forma

➝ source : double black diamond & emerald bracelet via nikos koulis available at twist

➝ source : aesa storm charm bracelet via bona drag

➝ source : tribal spike cuff via pamela love


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