“if you come at four in the afternoon, i’ll begin to be happy by three.” // a. de saint-exupéry

that wildly irritating truism that life begins to move at a swifter pace once you pass thirty, (or have children – whichever comes first), is a right thorn in my side.

even anticipation is not what it once was – it used to be that waiting made time go by at a clip slower than wet cement, but now – everything is so quick, so at the speed of light, so at the RPM of bandwidth and typing speed, (i’m at 120 words a minute, with only my thumbs!) – that waiting has become almost obsolete. everything is here, right when you want it, before even the spark of wanting was hit by a flint.

it’s 11 days out until winter 2014, but here it is, pre-fall 2015, for all to see and closer to the truth, to want…


[all photos courtesy of style.com]

➝ source : band of outsiders

➝ source : erdem

➝ source : rachel comey

➝ source : rodebjer


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