“the best is the enemy of good.”  // voltaire

it’s always within these last weeks of the year that i inevitably start to fall down the rabbit hole of the best ofs.

the barrage of lists and listicles, (yes, 100% i looked that up to make sure the context was correct), spouting out and counting down the purely subjective top tens of music, (those artists i’ve never heard of before, proving that above all else, my taste in music will confirm my age), films i don’t often to get to see in the theatre, but will fall asleep to on the sofa, and of books that well, i can only read non-fiction as of late, so let’s just cross those off the agenda.

the fact of the matter is, i never can find myself in those lists.

sure, there’s an item or two that i can recognize as being pretty good, if not entirely best, but since i’ve been keeping a running tally of some personal, and some aspirational bests – why not make a little listy of my own?

and so, without further ado, a wee bit’s top six, wait no, seven of 2014:



31philliplim➝ source : ole henriksen grease relief cloths & paula’s choice resist daily pore treatment

➝ source : clio’s eyeguard waterproof liner via peach & lily and sheer lip color in bobbi via bobbi brown

➝ source : double sole hi-shine loafers via underground

➝ source : alexa bracelet via fay andrada

➝ source : wednesday flap shoulder bag via 3.1 phillip lim


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