“there is an immeasurable distance between late and too late.” // o. mandino

every year, when i’m battling traffic, the masses, sweating underneath my acrylic (why do i wear an acrylic anything?) extra-long scarf trying to find something/anything, from q-tips to a birthday card for my grandmother, who happens to be the poor little jewish octogenarian to be born on christmas day, i wonder – why does this happen – every. single. year? december 25th comes around every 365 days, and yet, the madness is ever cyclical.

i don’t get it. perhaps it’s a thing that an agnostic jew couldn’t possibly wrap her head around. you know it’s coming, WHY DO YOU WAIT until the very last few moments when the worst aspects of retail are at their apogee of terribleness? i’m starting to think you like it – the general you who enjoy the challenge of fighting the crowds, the questionable, and last remaining inventory, the aggravated sales staff who are forever muttering expletives under their breath.

it’s the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it?

so. in case you wanted to head out into your own personal episode of survivor – i offer you a handful of last minute tokens of affection you could possibly pick up.

pack a snack, you’ll need to keep your energy up.




➝ source : elsa schiaparelli – a biography by meryle secrest – pick it up at type books

➝ source : stop the water while using me hibiscus brazil nut shower cream via bibelot & token*

➝ source : 2nd edition black playing cards via misc. goods co.

➝ source : urban decay naked basics palette via sephora

*all bibelot & token orders are 15% off until december 24th! use code: HIWEEBIT


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