“loafing” is easy, but “leisure” is difficult.” // p. f. drucker

do you want to know what one of my most coveted sartorial items of lust has always been?

to own and then, subsequently wear, a pair of loafers, preferably of the penny persuasion.

i know that that must sound a paltry ambition, considering the countless other items i could list in this panoply of want that i’ve blathered on in for so long; you wouldn’t be wrong to think i could go for something a bit more audacious than a pair of loafers, but no – they’ve forever been a long-held wish.

i craved the bass weejuns or wayfarers, but the vamp was always too high and the cut too narrow, they’d never do with my flintstone feet. follow me over the years, and i would try every pair i’d come across, only to be defeated – until i just forgot for years that i wanted them.

and then, something happened. the winds of change brought the penny to the fore – and suddenly, there were so many to choose from, from lines i’d never dare look at, to those i lusted after – and lo, there was a bounty of pennies – and i, i was happy.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.18.14 PMrobertclergerie


➝ source : adieu type 29 loafers via matches

➝ source : yokole platform loafers via robert clergerie

➝ source : double sole hi-shine loafers via underground

➝ source : solovaire tassel loafers via you must create


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