“i just felt like i was making people angry because i wouldn’t wear the frilly bows.” // t. birch

i’m going to dream of grosgrain.

i’m going to be finding glitter in the oddest of places for the next few months. i’ve run out of tape, and the cuts on my fingers from wrappingwrappingwrapping all the gifts –  will all be worth it. the bows are aplenty, the cards have been written, and the sentiment is always filled to burst. i love to give good gift and i like it even more when it’s all pretty and tied with a bow. and though i’ve liked to tie a ribbon on something as angular as a gift-box, i’ve never been sure about them on the body.

beautiful to look at to be sure, but i’m not so sure i want to wrap myself up in them. am i not a gift unto myself in need of a little embellishment?



➝ source : bow embellished satin duchesse jacket via marc jacobs

➝ source : pansy bow dress via sister jane

➝ source : shantung faille bow dress via carven

➝ source :  ankle boots via f-troupe


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