“strange, what being forced to slow down could do to a person.” // n. sparks

picture it, if you will:

my sweat be-socked feet are crossed at the ankles atop my coffee table. i’m wearing leggings that are overly-well-worn, the tell-tale signs of bleach stains and multiple washings making them look absolutely terrible, but positively divine to wear. covering my upper, (i was going to say ‘half’, but really it’s my two-thirds), is quite possibly the oldest dkny modal sleep-shirt, it’s been with me since before anyone ever called me mama. my eyes are starting to wander, my head is heavy with the hopefulness of sleep, and my body has turned to jelly. 

this is the end of year slump. this is when i start to slow down, glaze over, and want for nothing more than to drink cup after cup of coffee, watch (fall asleep to) movies, and allow myself to become one with my sofa.

let the countdown to the new year commence, i’ll be spending it attempting my best impersonation of a sloth.





➝ source : star-intarsia cashmere robe via chinti & parker for net-a-porter

➝ source : alba mizuki pyjamas via oliva von halle

➝ source : oversized sleep shirt via the sleep shirt

➝ source : nouba crooner silk-satin pyjama pants via eres


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